Awareness of industrial pollution led to the increase in regulatory policies enforced by various environmental agencies throughout the globe. The industrial pollution covers air, water and waste. A rapid increase in pollution and industrial growth has resulted in the deterioration of environment. Global warming has drastically affected the weather of the sub-continent. The air quality index of capital of India has exceeded 1000.

Availability of clean drinking water is the direct cause of millions of deaths every year in developing countries. In most developed countries, a rising demand for clean water is outstripping supply. Management of huge amounts of Municipal wastewater is a big challenge for developing countries. A number of river action plans are in operation however, the water quality of most of the Indian rivers is poor.

The development of new and sustainable technologies to recycle and reuse wastewater, to maintain air quality and manage huge volume of solid waste are amongst the most significant challenges for the governments, international organizations and researchers in the 21st century. Lot of efforts are being directed towards extraction of energy from wastewater and sludge that may meet out the partial energy requirement of the treatment plant.

The department of civil engineering, Z.H. College of Engineering and Technology proposes to organise an International conference on Sustainable Solutions in Industrial Pollution and water & wastewater treatment from November 10-11, 2018. This conference offers a platform for worldwide researchers and scientists from academia, industry and government to discuss proposals and disseminate results on sustainable technologies for environment protection.